Have you had Microblading done that didn’t last long?

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Have you had Microblading done that didn’t last long? 

Or maybe you have a friend that said theirs didn’t last long either? 

Ugh. So frustrating, right? 


First, let’s determine what long really means, shall we? 

Microblading is supposed to be semi-permanent, meaning they don’t last permanently. Why would you want them to not last? Short answer, go ask anyone you know that had Permanent Tattooed Eyebrows done and see if they are still happy with their results. Then, look at them yourself and determine if you want the results of Permanent Tattoos on your face? 9 time out of 10, you won’t want tattooed eyebrows because of how they are in fact, not permanent, and you are left with particles of blue, purple, or even a rust colored ink and heavy metals. 


Long answer, Microblading typically lasts 1-2 years. Its supposed to be that way because it is only implanted in the Epidermis, which is the outer most layer of you skin that consists of 5 layers. Microblading should really only be in the first 3 layers of the Epidermis. That part sloths off the most because its composed of Keratinocytes, so you shouldn’t have any scarring if its implanted in those first 3 layers. If you or a friend ended up with scarring, your artist went too deep into the Dermis. If only the natural look of Microblading could last forever, I know, I’m with you on that. But it doesn’t and I wouldn’t want to compromise all the other benefits of Microblading for a substandard, permanent solution. That’s why we offer yearly touch ups that are half off for Loyal Clients. The structure of our eyebrow mapping should be there enough to make the process quicker at your annual touch up. Plus, the pigment we use at The Brow and Beauty Suite is the highest quality Pigment available on the market, Phibrows. Which is tested and optimized time and time again for superior results. Not to mention there hasn’t been 1 reaction world wide. That’s a bold claim that is backed! Its certified heavy metal free, vegan, and cruelty free.  

Second, let’s determine some other factors that may lead to a quicker pigment loss.  

  1. Did you artist Pre-numb with a cream? That will lead to less pigment being retained because your skin can only retain so much product. If your artist pre-numbs, it will absolutely interfere with Pigment Retention no matter who you are based off the emollient’s molecular composition and how it is made to be absorbed into the skin. Its science, not an opinion. Besides, pre-numbing doesn’t work. You will still experience pain, that’s why a cream isn’t used before sutures and other laceration repairs in the hospital and clinic setting.  
  1. Did your artist use a cheap ink or cheap products that are not of a higher quality? Cheap ink and products have a lot of fillers and binding agents in them, not to mention they have metals in them which your body will recognize as not supposed to being in the Epidermis and will try to rid itself of it.  
  1. Did your artist tell you to dry heal, let the area scab, or not to wipe and clean your newly Microbladed eyebrows? If your answer is yes to any of those, then you will retain less pigment. Scabbing, or dry healing as it is often called, leads to Pigment being pushed out by way of your blood and lymph fluids, which is part of your body’s natural defense mechanism and healing cascade. By allowing the area to scab or not cleaning it, you are allowing your body to rid itself of the Pigment that was just so carefully planted. Remember, Scabbing = Pigment loss for you, me, anyone! 
  1. Did you get your eyebrows wet for the first 4 days after Microblading? Did you get in a hot, steaming shower during that time? Did you work out or sweat on or around your forehead? Did you go to the beach, drink lots of alcohol, or take medications that can make you bleed more than normal during the healing process or for the first 72 hours before having Microblading done? If your answer to any of that is yes, then you could loose pigment during the critical healing time. Loosing pigment during this time will deeply cut into how long your Microblading lasts. 
  1. Do you smoke, are in the sun every day, in a pool a lot, exfoliate your eyebrows, have Hyperthyroidism, or another condition involving hormones? If yes, then you will not retain pigment as long as someone who doesn’t have these issues. 
  1. Do you have oily skin and large pores? I really hate this question. I feel like it blames someone’s skin for not retaining pigment well and makes a bold claim that all oily skinned people (hello almost every Floridian!) don’t retain well. I have EXTREMELY oily skin and I am going on 11 months strong. Not to mention, I exfoliate the dickens out of my face (I’m sure too much) and have had 2 chemical peels (not on my eyebrows). Yes, my eyebrows are faded. Yes, they aren’t as beautiful as they were 11 months ago. But they are still bomb compared to what I had and my shape is still top notch. Right now, if these were the best my eyebrows would ever be, they are still worth every penny to me! Maybe someone with oily skin won’t retain for 2 years, but people with oily skin can absolutely retain Microblading very well, not only have I seen it time and time again, I’m living it! 

These things add up and can really make, not only a difference to someone, but a BIG difference. The devil is in the details! 

Unfortunately, Microblading doesn’t last as long as a tattooed eyebrow or as long as we would all like it to, but neither does getting your hair done, acrylic nails, facials, Botox, or showering. Upkeep can be a beast, but you must consider the value of said upkeep. Is the value of having Microblading and what it can do for you worth your hard-earned money? Do you think it can make a big difference in how you look at your own face, save you time from trying to recreate your own eyebrows every day, or dissolve worry you have every day about your penciled eyebrows coming off? Choose your artist carefully. Microblading is on your face. There are many things that look nice and are cheap and are ok. Like getting your nails done, if you are unhappy with the result, $20 isn’t so bad to have thrown away. But your face? Your face is precious. Your face is unique. Your face is your first hello to the people and the world around you. Again, I caution you, choose your artist carefully.